Electric YouniversE

  • The largest collection of photos of the Malta and Gozo Cart Ruts/Tracks including Clapham Junction.  Also showing the Cart Ridges, Boxes, Clapham Junction Triangle, the Cart Rut Caves, associated natural terracing...
    Cart Ruts - Malta, Gozo and Filfla
    (19 albums)
  • Photos of the different types of the micro craters found on the islands of Malta. Also includes the Bahrija crater, Malta
    Craters (EU) - Malta
    (5 albums)
  • Electric Universe Theory
    Electric Universe Theory
    (1 album)
  • Everything Is Electric
    Everything Is Electric
    (5 albums)
  • Geology seen through Electric Universe Eyes
    (12 albums)
  • The gEUlogy (Geology) of Malta from an Electric Universe perspective
    (16 albums)
  • myths and legends explained in an Electric Universe
    myths and legends
    (1 album)
  • Geology of Norfolk seen through Electric Universe Eyes - including Paramoudras, Flint Circles, Chalk Cliffs, Chalk Rivers etc
    Norfolk - Beeston Bump and Paramoudras
    (2 albums)
  • Free powered equipment - clockwork/windup/solar pwered radios - LED torches and camping lamps
    off the grid - enpower yourself
    (5 albums)
  • Plasma Cosmology
    Plasma Cosmology
    (3 albums)
  • Rock lines, rock circles, squares and Triangle found in Malta.  Photographs of these amazing shapes and associated gEUlogy features (Electroblemes)
    Power lines and powergons - Malta
    (8 albums)
  • Qollas - Buttes - Mounds Hillocks - Bumps - Odd shaped hills in Malta and around the world
    Qollas - Buttes, knolls, mounds etc.
    (5 albums)
  • photographs and images of stuff
    (2 albums)

  • the plasmaverse
    (2 albums)
  • Geology from an EU perspective
    USA - gEUlogy
    (2 albums)
  • The Earths weather in an Electric Universe
    WeathEU - The Global Electric Weather Circuit
    (7 albums)
  • weather observed in our solar system and in the Universe
    weathEU - weather in the universe
    (2 albums)
  • woge - what or where on Google's Earth is it?
    (1 album)
  • The expanding or growing Earth Theory is part of the exchanging Earth Theory
    XEarth Theory
    (15 albums)